Using Participatory Methods and ICT to clean up the Niger Delta

In October 2017, The Media Awareness and Justice Initiaitve, Partnered with Sustainability International to commence the pilot phase of testing its innovative method to clean up the Polluted creeks in some select communities of the Niger Delta. Results from this pilot clean up will provide the needed platform to expand the proposed initaitve in a participatory and holistic way.

The project is providing clean biotechnology to restore the Niger Delta: BIOCLEAN™. BIOCLEAN™ biodegrades and restores the contaminated site, resulting in decontamination in less than 30 days with only one application needed. This solution restores life to contaminated water, soil, and vegetation. It is 100% organic and is non-toxic and non-pathogenic.

In November 2017,  With massive support from the project leading organization Sustainability International launched a pilot in the village of K-Dere in the Niger Delta region. Oil Spills locations are cleaned and being monitored by a dozen of community members who report and fact-check the information provided by the contractors in exchange for a compensation. BBC World, the Wharton School, and HuffPost, among other media outlets, have recently reported on this work and its potentially transformative impact.

Our goal is simple. To Restore the environment, while providing a transparent, accountable and sustainable  platform for all stakeholders